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More than 25 years ago a pioneering journey began, spearheaded by Sadallah Mikati. One that brought together quality with distinct flavors from across the globe. And one that grew from strength to strength with massive expansion and significant business development thanks to Sadallah Mikati’s vision, passion for the goodness of food and leadership.

Today this journey continues to thrive through the effectiveness of the best modern business practices and Tarek Mikati’s coordination talent.

From beginnings in Sudan sourcing the finest sesame seeds in the world to creating unsurpassed tahini and halva and hunting down the best flavors and ingredients from far and wide, Al-Saqr General Trading LLC is a firm with a solid legacy and a bright future. Over the years we have built a reliable supply chain and remarkable reputation for bringing you tasty and nutritious ingredients and agro food commodities with the utmost care and integrity. Since 1988 we have been anticipating market needs and responding to consumer trends while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality.

Even in the face of wars, coups, tsunamis, droughts and crises, we never stopped and always delivered because we fulfill our promises, source from multiple origins and find solutions.

This leadership and resilience even manifests itself in how we build long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. Driven by values and passion, we are an agile organization that forms partnerships that stand the test of time.

In 2005, Al Saqr General Trading Company established a new trading line, which supplies all sorts of
building materials (specially Timber & Steel) from Austria, Sweden, Romania, Russia, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Company supplies building materials to both African & Middle Eastern Markets.

In 2015, Al Saqr General Trading Company established a new production line, which supplies all sorts of
Animal Feed, Animal Food Additives and Dairy Farming Equipment to major Middle Eastern Markets.

At Al-Saqr General Trading LLC, tomorrow is shaped by heritage and innovative vision.
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