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Bringing High Quality

Agro Products worldwide
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Since 1988 our customers

have been enjoying high quality products resulting
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Our Client's Satisfaction

is our priority
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Al Saqr Agro Trading

is for the well-being of the farmers and for the satisfaction of the client...
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Al Saqr aims to make

both suppliers & Clients satisfied
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From Farms

to Consumers
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We support farmers from different regions

to grow bigger surpluses and by making trade easy and affordable
From beginnings in Sudan sourcing the finest sesame seeds in the world to creating unsurpassed tahini and halva and hunting down the best flavors and ingredients from far and wide, Al-Saqr General Trading LLC is a firm with a solid legacy and a bright future. Over the years we have built a reliable supply chain and remarkable reputation for bringing you tasty and nutritious ingredients and agro food commodities with the utmost care and integrity.
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Mixed Basket
Al Badiya
Single Origin Specialty Coffee